Beyond Addiction

Beyond Addiction

£65 incl. P&P

“Beyond Addiction” is a new, limited edition work by me. There are ten of them, handmade, each signed and numbered by the artist (that would also be me). The piece is made of cigarettes, pins, card, and emergency keyholder frames. The dimensions are: (h) 119mm x (w) 119mm x (d) 33mm, and come with fixing instructions and a couple of screws and wallplugs.

Payment will be taken securely by Paypal, and each piece should take about 5 days to arrive after the date of despatch (if you are in the UK), or 3 weeks if you are overseas. You will be notified by e-mail once the work has been sent. If you are oversees, the work maybe subject to import duty over which I have no control, in addition to the cost of the work.

This is my first attempt at selling artwork online through my blog, and I’m quite excited by the thought of people owning a piece of original artwork by me - so it’s a bit of an experiment to see how it goes. In view of that, I will pay the costs of Postage and Packing myself.

Chess T-Shirts

This is where you can get hold of some of the chess pieces t-shirts that I designed with the artist =SPICO= It's amazing what you can come up with whilst holding a magic marker and some Post-It Notes.

Pawnography Tee

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Other colours also available:
Black on Yellow, Liturgical Black, and Liturgical Purple.


Fool's Mate

The chess pieces that are involved in the quickest way to win a game.
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